Most people don’t plan to fail
they fail to plan

John L. Beckley


Hi entrepreneur!

You are the creative brains behind your enterprise and that’s going fine.

But … can you make a good turnover and liquidity prognosis? Do you know the real investments your company needs? And how to finance them? What should be the content of your Business plan in order to make your business even more successful?

With financial and legal advice and coaching of Kramer Business Support you get an answer on these questions and you will get more out of your company. By years of experience in the financial sector I know what is really needed for a successful plan.

Especially when you’re from abroad, I know exactly what is required according to the Dutch standards for finance and Dutch legislation. Take your profit out of it!

And take advantage of my knowledge of the thriving business climate in Amsterdam.

My approach is accessible, understandable and direct.

In short: I give you the business boost you need!



I analyse the current financial situation of your company and give you my recommendations .
With my advice – financial or legal – we look together how any possible l follow-up can be made.


Coaching is more about drafting and developing financial and legal issues. If required, I can also take over some tasks from you.


Kramer Business Support is hosting training and workshops on the field of financial planning and writing a successful Business plan. For more information, please contact me.

Do you want a free advice without obligation?


personal attention

Personal approach is paramount at Kramer Business Support . I like personal contact with entrepreneurs, so I know who the person behind your company is and what you really need.

years of expertise

With years of experience in the financial and legal sector, I know what it takes to have a successful project or Business plan. Also, I am well aware of what is happening in the creative sector, which helps creative entrepreneurs to realize their plans.

creative solutions

Together with you, we’ll work on finding creative solutions for your finances, as crowdfunding,
angel investors, lease, loan, credit or the right mix.

work on results

My motto: cash is king! You can have such good ideas, with a thorough financial planning you can make your business even more successful. My focus is on achieving results, and taking your business to the next level.


My clients include start-ups and established businesses in the creative industries, arts and culture, retail and hospitality.